Irma Hotel, Cody, WY

Since all the campsites and reasonable lodges in Yellowstone were all booked up (anything under $200 /night), we decided to waste some time in the nearby town of Cody Wyoming.The Irma Hotel

We spent three nights in the historic Irma Hotel.

It’s very neat, but was a rather odd experience for us. The hotel is quite old aIrma Hotel Saloonnd quirky. Even more quirky is the staff, which consisted entirely of Russians. Everything worked out fine; it’s just odd that the theme of the hotel is “Wild West” and everyone from waitstaff to housekeeper was at least somewhat in costume, yet everyone had a Russian accent.



The rooms in the original building where we stayed all have an ol’ timey look-and-feel to them, with old (yet perfectly-functioning) amenities.IMAG0295 (2) Everything was decorated quite well. Irma Hotel Room

The nightly rate seemed reasonable at $92, compared to other non-themed chain hotels in Cody.

Keep in mind that you are only ~2 hours drive from the east entrance to Yellowstone.

Breakfast is relatively reasonably priced. breakfastThe menu is of course meat-heavy, but there are the usual vegetarian options.  The food is surprisingly yummy and not as greasy/heavy as it looks.

Irma Hotel Coffee


Even the coffee was nicer than usual; not bitter.

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