Jackson, WY/Anvil Motel

Due to the nightly freezing temperatures and lack of campgrounds in Wyoming, we were once again forced to spend the night in a cheap hotel.¬†Unfortunately, Jackson isn’t exactly a cheap location.

After Googling for a while, we settled on what we thought was the best deal in the area, The Anvil Motel, right in the middle of town. We can walk to everything! (That’s worth something, for sure.)


The staff here at the Anvil Motel is amazingly helpful. This hotel is also a great location for starting a day trip to the Grand Tetons NP or a stopover before heading to Yellowstone.
The rooms are a bit small, and parking is slightly annoying, but overall this is a fine 2-star hotel. Given the highly inflated hotel prices in the area, the Anvil is a relatively good deal. They even included a small almost-breakfast offering in the morning which we weren’t even expecting: extra bonus.

Overall, a good value for the money. Two satisfied thumbs up.

Rob with Jackson Hole Antler Arch

Although Jackson itself is an expensive town as well, it was worth spending the evening wandering the streets and window shopping. It is a super clean, dolled-up tourist town, centered mostly around skiing in the winter and hunting, fishing, water/outdoor sports in the summer months. It looks like a postcard and once you’ve gone into a couple of the shops along the main streets, you realize that if you’re like us, this place is above your pay rank.

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