Jamestown Settlement

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Jamestown Settlement. They were having a big Thanksgiving celebration called “Food’s & Feasts” going on for three days. We really enjoyed seeing the costumed performers, who all seemed so knowledgeable about their own subjects.

Jamestown IMG_20151127_113013_edited

At Jamestown Fort: The doctor had lots of instruments and scary objects, which he explained in graphic, nausea-inducing detail; the governor and his wife and all the cooks we encountered were happy to explain all the food in front of them (all made that day for display and later consumption by the performers while on breaks), the officers presented a firearms display and then “recruited” many men and children to help defend the fort in a quick-trained presentation of muskets and pikes, the master of ordinance told us more about the weapons and armor used at the fort through the years.

At the Powatan Village: Several performers were cooking fish, smoking venison, and had several corn dishes cooking around multiple fires around the village grounds.

Jamestown IMG_20151127_114206_edited

The houses were semi-permanent and looked pretty cozy. I particularly liked the variation in layout; each house was different inside, both in structure and furnishings. We saw a bow and arrow display and played a dart game involving throwing corncobs with attached feathers through hanging circles of stiff rope. It was fun and, dare I say it, educational!

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