Williamsburg, VA

It’s a great time of the year to see Colonial Williamsburg.

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Visiting here on Thanksgiving evening as simply a walk around adventure is just that: a nice walk around the old town. It was more crowded than we expected it to be, and we soon found out that all the taverns were booked up for $70.00 prix fixe dinner reservations. So, we continued walking around, listening to a few costumed performers, visiting  some shops, and enjoying the early evening glow as the sun set. We eventually ended up at Christiana Campbell’s Tavern.

Christiana Campbell's Tavern 11 2015

The tavern was at full capacity, and there were more people waiting for their reservation time on the front lawn and sidewalk. We thought we would possibly stop in for a cider and/or dessert, so we asked if that might be possible. A really nice hostess told us there was no room inside, but she’d be happy to set up a small table on the porch for us to enjoy a drink. I think it might have been even better than going inside, since we got to see everyone coming and going, including George Washington, who just stopped by to say hello to Mrs. Campbell before walking back down the street. The cider selection was not unique to either Williamsburg or Virginia, so we got mixed drinks instead. I got the “Rummer”, which was dark rum mixed with apricot and peach brandies on the rocks. It was pretty strong, I can tell you, but once the ice melted a little bit, I really liked it. Rob got a “Whiskey Cup”, which was whiskey and rum mixed with orange and lemon juices, Grenadine and ginger ale on the rocks. His was tasty from the first sip, no melting required. They definitely warmed us up on a chilly evening in Williamsburg!

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