Joey’s Pizza

In our never-ending search for good local pizza, we received a recommendation that Joey’s Pizza was the best.
About 7 miles from our house, so too far for delivery, but conveniently located near some stores we shop at.

Joey’s has an impressively oversized extra-large pizza, which we didn’t try. The medium is about what you’d expect in New York style pizza. Not bad, although they have very few veggie toppings. Their calzones are also fairly good. We tried mushroom and basil. They have absolutely no vegan options.

The atmosphere is that of a small sports bar; nothing special. And their service, while being very polite, was extremely slow.
Their bottled beer selection looked fine, but also not impressive.

Overall, this was better than average pizza (for Colorado Springs), but still a far cry from the great pizza experience we’re still questing for.

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