Just Egg

After months of searching, we finally found Just Egg in our local Whole Foods store.

They were a little more liquid than we expected, but they still scrambled up well. Paired with 365 sausage, Trader Joe’s hashbrowns, and homemade vegan buttermilk biscuits & apple butter.

Just Egg scrambled

Our taste buds were happy, although it still seemed a bit overpriced for the amount you get. With our portions (shown here) you really only get about 3-4 servings per $8 bottle. :-/

Just Egg

Also of note at Whole Foods was a nice selection of vegan desserts. Not just the usual awesome $1 vegan tahini cookie, but donuts and a few slices of decadent cake.
We wisely chose the very largest vegan Raspberry Chocolate cake for $4 and were stunned by how good it was! Basically 4 servings of awesomeness. We’ll definitely be searching through the bakery case more closely in the future…

Whole Foods raspberry cake

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