Land Between the Lakes National Rec Area, Golden Pond, KY

We got a $12 campsite in Hillman Ferry campground.

Land Between The Lakes Campground

There’s a huge lake and we’re near a small beach, so there are tons of screaming infants.  Not sure if this is the Kentucky, TN, or MO gene pool…

91 degrees with no breeze at all. The temperature got down to 70 degrees eventually,  in the middle of the night, so we got a few hours of sleep.

Surprisingly, there are no mosquitoes to speak of, so they must spray poison for them here. Meh.  An OK campground if you’re bringing your kids for a swim.

LBTL Swimmin'Hole

Land Between the Lakes is a huge 50 mile long park though, so there are likely other fun things to do on the southern side that we didn’t have time to see.


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