Land of the Pyramids

Update: 10/27/2018
We stopped by on 10/27/2018 and sadly, this storefront has closed. No mention of them moving to a new location, but all the furniture was gone. 🙁

Previously: 7/15/2018

We were so lucky to have someone recommend Land of the Pyramids to us, otherwise it might have taken forever to discover it on our own (online or driving by). The storefront is deceptively small and impossible to see from the road.

inside LotPinside LotP

We ordered the veggie sampler and another “veggie special” the waiter recommended. All the food was 5-star top-notch! These are the best falafel we’ve ever had; and we’ve eaten a lot of falafel, both Greek & Lebanese style.
The only less-than-amazing item on our plentiful trays was possibly the pita wedges. They were the thin style which were harder to tear. The multiple flavors of hummus were amazing as well. The grape leaves were smothered in a nice thick seasoned tomato sauce, leaving only a hint of the vinegar of the dolmas at the end.

veggie samplerveggie special

Everything here is made from scratch. Down to the syrup for the baklava being sugar cooked up with other herbs & spices to make a custom blend. Everything has been carefully crafted to be an exceptional taste experience.

bird's nest desserthot sage tea

We opted for the vegan “bird’s nest” dessert, which was so surprisingly decadent that it was enough for two. The hot tea was a custom blend of cardamom and sage. Wonderful and new to us.

The owner/chef/operator and the waiter were both very nice and helpful. Both are well-versed in making items vegan or helping with any special requests.

A good value for the money, although it can be a bit pricey depending on what (and how much) you order. We’ll definitely be making this one of our regular restaurants, also since it’s healthy enough to eat every day.
We’re looking forward to trying all the other veg-friendly options on the menu, and bringing our friends.

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