Little Nepal

So to balance out our previous 5-star review, this one is a (generous) 2-stars. 😲

We were looking forward to Little Nepal in north CoS, but were sorely disappointed.
The decor is very nice, and the waitstaff is polite enough, but that’s all the compliments we can give.

The prices are literally double what they should be, considering the low quality of the food. The veggie pakoras were mushy carrot patties (not at all the usual nice & crispy pakoras we were expecting), the lentil dal was too bland and stewed too long (and likely had some unnecessary cream in it), and the bhindi masala was too spicy and way overcooked. Every item was much too salty and obviously left on the stove for too long.

"veggie" pakorasLittle Nepal entrees

This was more than just an “off-night”. So we will sadly not be visiting here again. 😕

The (generous) 2-star rating is because they do at least have the expected vegetarian entree options available, and supposedly a buffet during certain days/hours.

Perhaps the sister, downtown location of Little Nepal is better, but we’ll doubtfully be giving it another try. We already know there are much better Nepalese & Himalayan restaurants downtown.

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