Little Tokyo Sushi in Cary

We’ve been occasionally going to Little Tokyo for years, mainly because their location is convenient for us. It’s otherwise just a tiny little storefront in a small nondescript strip-mall.

We mostly only go at lunchtime, since that’s the only time they offer their nice-priced bento boxes.

I’ve neglected to write about this Japanese restaurant for so long since in the past I’d had such difficulty communicating with the staff, so my vegetarian order was rarely delivered to the table correctly on the first try. More recently though, I believe the manager finally understands that “vegetarian” means “no fish, crab, or shrimp”.

For lunch, I recommend getting the Vegetarian Bento box, which starts out (usually) with edamame and miso soup.
Little Tokyo miso soup

The bento itself always has 2 nice rolls of sushi, one larger with more ingredients, and the other simpler/smaller usually with avocado. Also, a nice little serving of veggie tempura.
Little Tokyo bento box

Little Tokyo tofu

This time, Kate ordered the Tofu Teriyaki entree, but, as often happens, something slightly different arrived at our table…
Again as usual, this mix-up was still quite good, and the staff was very nice about helping to fix things. What arrived was a good tofu tempura bento box with teriyaki sauce on the side and some random veggie sushi pieces.

Little Tokyo is always tasty, if not a little surprising. smiley wink However, if you’re looking for pure vegan food, I would be very surprised if anyone could communicate that well enough.

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