Dinner at Yellow Brix, Carlsbad, NM

We weren’t easily able to cook up anything good for breakfast since it was so windy. We also didn’t have time for a good lunch since we had to get into Carlsbad Caverns before 2:30 pm.
So we were quite desperately hungry for an early dinner today.

First, we unfortunately stopped at the “last-call” style mexican restaurant near the entrance to Carlsbad National Park. This turned out to be nothing but a gyp-joint with absolutely no vegetarian food.YellowBrixCarlsbad

When we said we were vegetarian, the strung-out waitress recommended we try Yellow Brix Restaurant in Carlsbad proper. So we (stupidly) did.

Yellow Brix Steakhouse is possibly the most upscale restaurant in town.

There are some interesting paintings on the walls. This one is for sale at $1100.

$1100 truck painting

Vegetable Sandwich and truffle friesI ordered the Vegetable Sandwich and truffle oil fries and Kate ordered the Vegetable Penne Pasta which had a tomato sauce.

Both dishes were heavy with tomatoes, and featured zucchini as the main vegetable. Yep, you guessed it, these are the only two vegetarian items on their menu.

veggie penne pasta


Not bad, and fairly fresh tasting ingredients, but definitely way overpriced.
There are numerous other better restaurant choices in the immediate area.

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