Mesa Verde National Park, CO


Mesa Verde 1Mesa Verde is one of the most famous of America’s national parks. I remember marveling at the pictures of the Cliff Dwellings  (whole cities, really) in a National Geographic Magazine as a child.

Mesa Verde 2 and 3 SDC13526 (2)


So visiting here was the realization of a childhood dream and it lived up to my long ago imagination.

Walking over the mesas, standing next to and sometimes inside an ancient dwelling site, viewing the many incredible cliff dwellings, touring the museum and hiking along the rim of the canyon was an experience to remember the rest of our lives.

SDC13470 (2)


Mesa Verde 4

Camping in the park only added to the wonderful visit; and even though it snowed on us in the morning, ruining our chances for a hot camp meal it still definitely worth it.

Mesa Verde Canyon

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