Meta Burger, Denver

Meta Burger is the BEST!! All Vegan, all delicious – They have a pretty large menu of fast food specialties, including amazing smoothies.They are located in a strip mall just south of downtown Denver on the way to Aurora (Watch closely or you’ll miss the turn off a busy city street!) and the restaurant is small, plain, but very neat and clean – You will not care if you had to sit on the curb outside once you taste the food here. I highly recommend “The Flatiron” Burger”, but we haven’t even begun to work our way through the menu.


From their website: “Meta Burger was created because the Denver market and many markets across the US are lacking an affordable plant-based/health conscious options. The term Meta means seeing something from a higher perspective instead of from within the thing, like being self-aware, and Meta Burger plans to be a burger joint that views the world of food from a higher perspective.”

I am not kidding; do yourself a favor and make Meta Burger a must-do stop when in Denver. And, make sure you go hungry ’cause you’re going to want to try everything!!

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