Mi Mexico

We had a coupon, so finally visited our local Mi Mexico restaurant.

They’re a nice-sized restaurant with bar area and a well-decorated atmosphere. The waitstaff all seem nice and helpful.
Most importantly though, Mi Mexico has a very extensive menu, with quite a few vegetarian options! Some can likely be made vegan as well (we’ll be testing that idea in the future).

Their standard salsa has a bit more hot pepper and cilantro than we like, but we found out they do have a milder version you can ask for.

Kate ordered her usual Chile Relleno which comes with rice & (lard-free) refried beans. The beans were excellent for nacho dipping. She asked for the lunch portion, which is apparently one medium-sized chile. A fair amount, although we got charged for a dinner portion at this Sunday lunch. (shrug) I ordered the Champiñón Burrito, which was quite large and perfectly cooked. The mushrooms, spinach, rice & black beans were all just past al dente. Perfecto! A bit watery with the extra tomatoes on top though.

Although the entree prices are a very good value, their cocktails seem a little expensive. We’ll stick to Jose Muldoon’s when we want a margarita.

They have some interesting desserts as well, but we didn’t have any room left to try them. Next time we might try ordering one entree, a small à la carte, and a dessert.

Two thumbs up!

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