Microtel Inn & Suites, Joplin, MO

I used my Wyndham Rewards to get a room for $35 + tax.

IMAG0977 (2)The good:

Friendly staff, excellent WiFi, nice shower, and clean room.  The breakfast was adequate, but not as nice as we’d expected.

The bad:

There is no microwave or refrigerator in the rooms even though they are advertised.  The front desk is competent, but forwards you to call corporate if you need to do anything “Wyndham” related.  There are no public laundry facilities.  Even though there is one antiquated washer and dryer, they absolutely do not work!  We found out the hard way:  $2 to wash, then $2 to dry, except the dryer has no heat, so we wasted 45 minutes just to end up with wet clothes needing to go to a real laundromat.  :-/  The hotel owner didn’t offer to compensate us in any way.


Compared to other local hotel options, you could do worse; just don’t expect this to be up to the usual Microtel / Wyndham standards.

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