Millstone Pizza & Brewery, Cody, WY

Not much diversity in dinner restaurants in Cody, WY, so we settled on pizza.

Millstone Pizza has the expected few veggie options:   a hot veggie sub, veg pizza, and medium-sized dinner salad.  Our meal was fine.

Millstone Pizza Cody

Their best offering though is a 4 or 7 beer sampler.  Millstone brews 7 different beers (no ciders), so I tried the 7 sampler.  A nice variety. Kate got a Moscow Mule.

Millstone Drinks


For a sports bar, it was rather empty this Saturday night.  So if you’re looking for a party, there are better saloons within walking distance to choose from.  But for us, this was a decent place to grab a late dinner.


There’s also an arcade downstairs, but the games seem more suitable for children or big game hunters.

Update:  Two days later we had a hankering for pizza so we went back again.

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