Moon Star II Delivers

We’ve ordered Chinese delivery from Moon Star II twice now, and it did not disappoint.

They charge $2 extra if you’re more than 2 miles away, but it’s still a fair deal.

We got our usual Sesame Tofu and Vegetable Chow Fun.
Although the menu says the Sesame Tofu is spicy, when requested, they can completely leave off the heat. In fact, theirs tastes quite sweet; although no sign of sesame seeds, but maybe they cook it with a splash of sesame oil.
The Chow Fun is very similar to our familiar Ho Fun: thick rice noodles with a fair amount of veggies.

A reasonable deal when you’re looking for fast delivery.

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Update: 2/21/2019

We happened to be in the immediate area, so grabbed a quick bite. We both ordered combos, and successfully substituted tofu for their chicken. Lots of rice. All was good, except their robust hot & sour soup also contains hidden chunks of chicken or pig. frown Best to avoid their soups entirely.

Otherwise, the combo-size is a good deal for vegetarians.

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