Morefield Campground, Mesa Verde, CO

Wanting to stay near all the Mesa Verde activities, we had to spend the night in the National Park’s Morefield Campground. Things were slightly different than other campgrounds, but overall just as functional.

This campground within the National Park is privately run, so costs a bit more than usual: $31 /night after tax. The hot showers were actually lukewarm, and a bit farther of a walk. Amazingly enough, there is working WiFi throughout the campground! More than I can say for some motels…

sleety campsite


The campsites are a smidge closer together than desirable, but most seem to be protected from the wind somewhat by scrub trees.
Tonight was only nominally windy and the temperature got down to 38 degrees F.


Mesa Verde Campground Snow


Unfortunately, in the morning the rain prediction turned to sleet and snow. During our drive deeper into Mesa Verde this morning, visibility was at around 30 feet. 🙁


Amazingly enough, the snow (and most clouds) subsided by lunchtime and it became quite a nice day.

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