Mountain Mama Natural Foods

Our usual grocery store is King Soopers (pronounced “Krogers” if you’re from back East). We also make occasional trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Sprouts.
But we’ve discovered a little non-chain grocery store just northwest of downtown Colorado Springs, near Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Mountain Mama Natural Foods has an excellent selection of vegan food. They have amazing prices on some items (bulk Vital Wheat gluten for $3 /lb !), and fairly expensive tourist-type prices on impulse-buy pre-packaged items.

We visit mainly for their bulk foods.

In particular, Mountain Mama’s has a nice selection of dried soup mixes that would be great for backpacking, camping, glamping, or even home emergency supplies (for all you Zombie Apocalypse preppers out there).

We’ll definitely be stopping by again to load up in the Spring before we start camping season.

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