Niobrara State Park, Niobrara, NE


Niobrara State Park

Niobrara State Park in northeast Nebraska sits at the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri rivers. The Niobrara River runs through the park, a shallow and sandy strip of water running through the gently rolling prairie. The park is focused primarily on recreation, fishing and hunting areas nearby. They have a large swimming pool, several group areas for gatherings and a “Buffalo Cookout” area where they serve Buffalo burgers every Saturday during Summer Months.

Niobrara Campsite

They even had “improved” pit toilets in some areas, but the ones near the tent sites were wooden outbuildings that had no openings/windows, etc. to illuminate them, which meant that one either had to wear a headlamp or carry a lantern or flashlight to use the facility, day or night. It was creepy. The building on our tent site was especially creepy, due to the holes in the floor and the huge rat trap box placed next to the toilet. I chose to walk down the road to an “improved” pit toilet that had ventilation, light and a concrete floor instead while we stayed there.

Niobrara TurkeyWe saw a beaver, a crazy amount of rabbits, some turkeys and surprisingly few deer.  We enjoyed the quiet with no neighbors in the separated campsites scattered throughout the park.

Niobrara Rabbit

There seem to be very few visitors here.  The hiking trails aren’t very interesting either, and the mosquitoes and ticks are slightly annoying.

There is one historical kiosk explaining Lewis & Clark’s visit here, but it’s a small unimpressive display and the trails leading to their historic camp site were not maintained and we weren’t sure exactly where to go and if we should bushwhack our way down to the river, so we just viewed the area from the top of the bluffs.

Niobrara Prairie Grass

At $10 /night, plus a $5 entrance fee, this was a decent place to stop overnight, but over all this was not an impressive park for us.


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