Oiso Sushi and Korean in Cary

Conveniently located in the strip mall for Kroger, we decided to try out the new Korean restaurant: Oiso. They took over the small storefront that used to be Komo Komo Korean.

Not to compare, but… the prices are the same (a bit high), but the quality has gone down. 🙁

We were quite disappointed to find that the only vegetarian sushi available was either an avocado roll or a cucumber roll. The other “Vegetable Tempura” roll listed had eel sauce on it and it was ridiculously expensive.
The only other vegetarian item on the entire menu was the standard BiBimBop.

So of course, we ordered BiBimBop and an avocado roll.
Oiso Korean

We asked our server (he appeared to be the owner) if there were any other vegetarian options, and he politely had no other suggestions.

We were careful to explain to him that we were both vegetarian, so no fish juice or eel sauce please. We were quite surprised that when our BiBimBop arrived and our server was explaining the contents of each of the small side bowls, one of them was “fish cakes”. (Note – this BiBimBop was specifically listed on the menu as “Vegetarian”.)

Needless to say, this restaurant has no concept of veggie-friendly food. Given that their prices are quite high, especially considering the portion size, we both agreed that this would be our last visit here.

Perhaps it’s just one of those mysterious bad locations, but I’m guessing (and hoping) Oiso will go out of business even faster than its predecessor did.

Our unfortunate verdict:   two thumbs down.  thumb down   thumb down

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