On a Roll

Homemade vegan sushi!

homemade vegan sushi

Tonight we had homemade vegan sushi for the first time! The internet is a wonderful thing – Just a few minutes watching a couple of videos and I was ready to go. The result: California Rolls and Vegetable Maki. A simple substitution of Beyond Chicken Grilled Strips with Just Mayo and voila! you’ve got a delicious substitute for the usual Krab rolls they mince for California Rolls at the sushi bar.

It was a success, for sure – We actually had more than we could eat, but we did our best.


Update – Oct 3, 2016: We made another round of sushi – a slightly more modest number of rolls this time. The flavors came out perfectly. However, we learned that when cooking the rice it’s best to leave the top off the pot so the water can evaporate allowing the rice to get harder and stickier (rather than staying wet and mushy).

veggie sushi

We also made a small tray of dessert sushi: mango and strawberries with coconut milk, with chocolate sauce on the side for dipping. Yum!

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