Pahaska Tepee, Cody, WY

Only 2 miles outside Yellowstone is Buffalo Bill’s historic “hunting lodge” venture, Pahaska Tepee.  We reserved 4 nights in advance since everything inside Yellowstone was sold out.

Pahaska Tepee

For $125 /night, we got a small queen room in an A-frame cabin.  There’s heat, water and electricity.  Basically a bed and a bathroom with shower.  Rustic, but clean.  Considering the location, this seems to be as good as one can get.

Pahaska Tepee #21

The lodge serves meals all day;  as meat-centric and pricey as you’d expect.

The location however is perfect.

On the drive in we saw a white mountain goat mother and her tiny calf bounding past our scenic-view pull off.

Pahaska Bison

After dinner we found a buffalo browsing just 30 yards behind our cabin.

Most importantly though, we noticed a group of bystanders watching a full grown grizzly bear about 150 yards from our lodge!  He was taking his time eating dinner (likely a mule deer). Someone said this grizzly had returned to this spot most every day for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a long enough lens on our camera to get a good shot, but one of the other guests made a short video that’s pretty amazing, mostly because the bear was just on the other side of a stream from the lodge, and there was no fence or barrier to stop any animal from “visiting” us anytime. When we checked in, the front desk clerk told us to have a look around before stepping outside, just to make sure there wasn’t a bison or bear or other wildlife just hanging around. (Exciting and scary at the same time)

Pahaska Grizzly

Screenshot from DesanShirl Peadon

Very cool.  Our first wild grizzly bear sighting ever.

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