Patrick Jane’s Pizza

A relatively new pizza restaurant in south Cary has been getting some good press, so we figured we should check it out. “PJ’s” has a seemingly upscale menu with gourmet items, lots of gluten-free fare, and fairly healthy options (for a pizza place). They have a decent local beer selection also.

We ordered a mini Heavenly Mushroom and a White Pie.


Quite fresh and tasty. All the pizzas are apparently super-thin crust style, which works fine, but isn’t nearly as filling as your usual pizza experience.

A fair value for the money, but still a smidge more expensive than you’d expect to spend when going out for a standard “pizza night”. Also, the acoustics aren’t great; there were loads of children present, so it was more noisy than desired.
I’m sure we’ll go again, but this won’t be put on our usual weekly rotation.

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