Pearl De Vere, The Soiled Dove of Cripple Creek

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There’s a museum in Cripple Creek like no other museum I’ve ever visited – “The Homestead Museum” is in one of the most famous brothels in town, run by the infamous Pearl De Vere. She rolled into town in 1893 and built her first brothel, working as madam and sometime prostitute to the most discerning clientele.

Following a devastating fire that destroyed virtually all of the town’s buildings, she built her second and final residence/business on Myers’ Avenue, at the center of the red light district.



Sadly, Pearl wasn’t long for this world, overdosing on morphine after a particularly extravagant party at the Homestead. The guided museum tour takes you through furnished rooms full of original furniture and then up to the bedrooms, with pictures of the actual prostitutes who occupied them. It was fascinating and sad at the same time.

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