Pearl Street Mall and The Boulderado Hotel, Boulder, Colorado

If you go to Boulder, everything you find when you research “things to do in Boulder” will recommend Pearl Street Mall. It’s an open air promenade shopping area in the middle of downtown where the streets are blocked off for pedestrian-only traffic.

(Photo from

There are lots of tourist-magnet shops, overpriced clothing, souvenirs and food, along with street performers and bars that really come alive after dark. It was fun to wander during the day. And we went back one evening and did our version of a pub crawl.

The highlight of the evening was The Boulderado Hotel.

The Boulderado is a really neat 19th century hotel with stained glass all over the place and a “speak easy” in the basement, called License #1, that specializes in classic cocktails and live music.


(Photos from The Boulderado Hotel)

We happened to visit on a night when a blues band was playing to a packed crowd. Even so, we managed to secure a booth and an Old Fashioned cocktail (I had never had one before: it was strong and delish!)

(Photo from The Boulderado Hotel)

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