Phantom Canyon Brewing Co.

On the downtown bar-crawl strip, Phantom Canyon Brewing is in a nice location, other than the usual hassle of finding parking.

It’s surprisingly large on the inside. Lots of large tables and booths crammed into the expansive eating area. The actual brewery tanks seem like an afterthought, to be seen only through windows into a smaller area at the back of the restaurant. Upstairs is the billiards area.

We of course started with a beer flight. Numerous solid choices there; Phantom Canyon has a good selection of standard craft beers. The one outstanding option we tried was Coco’s Ranch, a thick, rich chocolate & coconut porter. Somewhat like a dessert beer; you won’t need more than one glass.

Kate also tried a Moscow Mule, which was the highlight of the day. One of the best Moscow Mules we’ve ever had.

Dinner was slightly disappointing though. If you ever visit, you must bring a coupon or else you’ll be seriously over-paying.
The vegan black bean burger is standard (a little mushy for Kate’s taste), but it contained just the right amount of zip. The side of Brussels sprouts was under-cooked and under-marinated, so not so great. Better to just stick with fries.

The worst disappointment was the Mushroom Tacos. The mole sauce was inedibley spicy. Such a shame, since it would have otherwise been quite tasty. Even the coleslaw on top didn’t help cut the spiciness enough. And we even ordered the salsa on the side (which we didn’t even touch). The nachos that came with were fairly good though.

If we ever visit for dinner again, we’ll try the Vegan Shepherd’s Pie instead. Maybe that, and an appetizer, and a beer flight or cocktail will make a good dinner. Oh, and we need to try their Vegan Cheesecake someday…

Overall, a nice night out on the town, but definitely over-priced in the end.

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