Pho Lu’u

Pho Lu’u is a small strip mall restaurant, nothing fancy, but the food is really fresh, healthy and authentic (and vegan, if you request vegetable broth.)

Only a few veggie options on the menu, but they are good, and very vegan-friendly. Unfortunately they have no Bahn Mi. (There’s a dearth of Bahn Mi here in Colorado Springs, I have no idea why.)
They have the usual impressive selection of boba juices in plastic cups as well. (What’s up with filling the cup with ice so that the tapioca beads are trapped at the bottom of the cup and you can’t get to them until the ice melts, which is loooong after you finish the juice?!?!?)

First, we tried the vegan spring rolls with tofu. They were really nice and, of course, the peanut sauce was delicious.

We ordered the dinner noodles with tofu (A huge dish for one person, allegedly!), and the vegan Pho (even the “small” size of this dish was a full meal!).

Pho Lu'u entreesNext time, we might try just sharing the dinner noodle bowl, because that would definitely be plenty.

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