Phooey Vietnam

We have so few Vietnamese restaurants in the area that we are sad to say: Pho Vietnam is no longer on our Go-To List.

We tried visiting over the Holiday break, but they were closed for non-descriptive reasons.

We finally noticed they reopened so we went for lunch. Unfortunately, it looks like the staff has had some turnover, and likely the chef(s) as well.
The menu has changed slightly: all of the good vegetarian items are now gone. The only veg options left contain a specific (bad) type of fried tofu skin.

We ordered it, but won’t be doing so again. It also comes with mandatory fish-sauce.


We also tried ordering our old fave, a Veggie Bánh Mì sandwich, but alas, that has exactly the same ingredients as their pho now: fried tofu skin / strings.
The language barrier was difficult enough that we couldn’t determine if they would ever consider serving their better veggie food again. Oh well.

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