Pita Bon

Since The Loop Grill closed down, we’ve been avoiding going to the latest restaurant that took over this strip-mall spot.
Cary already has plenty of other good Lebanese and Greek restaurants, so we were skeptical about this one.
Pita Bon even looks like a chain restaurant (although it isn’t).
Nevertheless, we finally gave it a go.

We ordered the standard go-to Lebanese fare:
A falafel sandwich, and a Sampler.


The falafel sandwich was pretty good, although we thought no better than the local competition’s…
The Pita Bon Sampler however was more impressive than expected. The feta cheese & jalapenos were more spicy than necessary, but still quite edible. The tabbouleh was the best I’ve ever had! (considering I rarely order tabbouleh and am not a big fan.) The other items were nicely done: not too lemony or vinegary, so we stuffed ourselves and finished off the entire platter.

The final verdict:
Considering the immediate location only has a few other healthy restaurants, Pita Bon is a nice addition. It’s a bit pricey compared to other local Lebanese restaurants, and is a little lacking in ambiance, but we left feeling satisfied and not gacked-out, so it’s a modest two thumbs-up.
I only wish we’d saved the “free baklava” coupon we found in the mail weeks ago.

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