Pleasant Valley Campground, Cimarron, CO

Pleasant Valley Campground

We luckily found a quaint little campground nestled in the Rockies. Pleasant Valley Campground isn’t advertised much, even though it’s privately run, but it was a good find for us.
The owner/operator woman is very nice and happy to help out in any way. There are the usual few car-camping tent sites, all along a babbling stream.



There’s also a tiny little pond on the grounds. A very short 1 minute walk affords a nice view as well.


Along with the campsites and bathrooms/shower, there is also a small country store with minimal groceries and souvenir postcards, as well as a cafe with very limited breakfast and lunch options.Pleasant mountain view

Overall, a nice experience for us both, and a convenient halfway-point to spend the night. Supper consisted of a stir-fry: Gardein, potatoes, onions, carrots, and nutritional yeast sauce; plus a French baguette.

Gardein dinner

Pretty tasty for camping in 48 degree weather.

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