Roswell, NM/Pod People!

Roswell, New Mexico is a strange place, even without the extraterrestrials. on the roadThe terrestrials here are odd, mighty odd.

After a really long day of driving, we were in search of dinner, so we first tried a Thai place, but they seemed to be in the middle of an employee crisis. I’m not even sure there was anyone working except for the hostess, waitress, cook, and busboy – that’s one person, the only one we saw.

We walked out quietly, without ordering, when all the employees (again, just the one) had scurried into the kitchen to prepare someone else’s meal. Munchies in Roswell NM

We hopped a short wall to enter the restaurant next door, Munchies. It looks like a poor man’s Sonic, which is saying something, since Sonic is the poor man’s Sonic already.

So, just to clue you in on our brief interaction with the locals in Roswell, the waitstaff at Munchies seemed to be acting in her own comedy/musical, because as soon as we entered through the front door, she repeatedly asked Rob to go back out and request permission to enter, all the while with a maniacal grin on her face. At this point, we were tired and too hungry to leave in search of yet another restaurant here, so we just smiled and laughed that nervous laughter people do when they are contemplating whether someone has a knife or not.

Roswell Welcome

She finally gave up and took our order, interspersing our specific veggie sub toppings confirmations with demands that we try some side item or dessert or beverage – Not just suggesting, but repeatedly demanding. Rob finally relented and bought a bottled water, even though we had several back in the car, just to appease her before she began singing again. Oh, did I mention she kept spontaneously breaking into brief snippets of song before, during and after taking our order? Yeah, that happened, too.

After our overnight stay at the Rodeway Inn, we opted for lunch at Denny’s before leaving town, since you always know what you’ll find at Denny’s. Veggie burgers all ’round!


Denny's burgers

The people watching here was very interesting. That’s all we can say – Roswell, New Mexico, it’s like another world out there.

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