Quito Airport Suites Hotel

Quito Airport Suites Hotel is advertised on all the standard travel review sites as being a friendly and safe place for travelers who have layovers or are taking a break from travel to and from Ecuador. It is located in the town of Tababela, just minutes from the new Quito airport, so it just made sense for us to stay there two nights while we waited for our flight to Baltra Island in the Galapagos.

The hotel was very welcoming. Even though our flight was delayed 2.5 hours, our taxi shuttle was waiting for us with a sign with our name on it. A much appreciated gesture at 1:00am.

Modest rooms (and a bit noisy), but still a decent night’s sleep and good value.

Quito AIrport Suites Hotel

As was the case with most of the houses and hotels, our hotel had a solid barrier wall surrounding the property and wooden security doors with a buzzer to notify the staff someone had arrived. Once inside the “compound”, we saw several buildings, trees of all kinds, and a large grassy yard with a soccer net on one end.  
Over a stone wall on the side of the property, we could see a planted field with a variety of fruits and vegetables. After breakfast the first morning we were there, we saw a group of people harvesting strawberries.

Quito Airport Suites grounds

Quito Airport Suites garden view

The staff were great, however very few of them spoke English – The hotel had a posted statement that someone who spoke English was on duty overnight. I guess that was to make sure that late arrivals from the airport could get settled in OK. During the day, you just had to try what Spanish you knew and gesture for understanding. It worked just fine, honestly.

Breakfast was included and they made each guest’s meal to order from a limited menu.
The day’s featured fruit was cantaloupe. There were a few veg options, so we chose pancakes and a spinach omelette. All quite tasty. We were assured that the water was distilled and not tap water.

Quito Airport Suites menu
This is where the never ending breakfasts of eggs and semi-soft farm cheese began. This is also where the fruit juice extravaganza started. I don’t know how to describe the variety and deliciousness of the juices we had in Ecuador except to say we have nothing to compare them to in the US, for freshness and just the sheer diversity of flavor combinations. They were definitely one of the highlights of every day.
Quito Airport Suites breakfast


Finally, no post about accommodations in Ecuador would be complete without mentioning the plumbing situation. With only the most modern and upscale construction excepted (notably, the Quito airport being one such exception), there is no toilet in the whole country in which you can flush toilet paper. How does that work, you ask? Well, let me tell you – Instead of a tissue basket in every bathroom, one finds a little plastic trash can (I renamed it the “poo bucket”) and a sign posted that asks you not to put “paper” in the toilet. I thought at first it was like in the US, where women’s bathrooms ask that you not put anything but toilet paper in the toilet. But no, they mean NO paper of any kind. I think you get the idea, so I’ll end this commentary by saying that it was so much more gross to wipe and toss than flush than you might imagine, day after day. (The maids were very good about emptying the poo buckets every day, but still, Ick to the 10th degree in my opinion.)

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