Raton, NM/Casa Lemus

Raton, New Mexico is just next door to Capulin Volcano National Monument so we’re spending the night here. A somewhat unusual cold-front has brought high winds and snow to this area today, so once again we opted for a hotel instead of tent camping.
In addition, our air mattress sprung its third leak in a week, so we bought a new one at Target. We wanted to test it out in a hotel before really relying on it in a cold tent overnight.

snowy car

Raton, like a number of small towns in this part of the country, appears to be going downhill. Quite a few of the restaurants and hotels our GPS (and Google!) found for us are permanently closed. Hotel Casa Lemus was the obvious best choice for us. Slightly older, but still functional rooms, with welcomed baseboard heat in the rooms.


Breakfast is at their onsite restaurant. We tried the standard pancakes and a breakfast “skillet” which was basically fajita-fixings in an iron skillet. (A few too many green peppers & onions for a breakfast dish.)

pancakes and skillet

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