Relax Motel, Poplar Bluff, MO

On our way to Mingo National Wilderness, we considered our current number of mosquito bites vs. spending the night in a tent in a swamp.  After a brief discussion, we opted for a hotel. For some unknown reason, finding a vacancy in Poplar Springs this Friday is troublingly difficult.

With only a few hotels available, we ignored the lack of online info and decided to try out Relax Motel.

Relax Motel

Relax Parking Lot

Making a reservation over the phone was difficult due to the language barrier.

Relax Room

But once we arrived, we were satisfied with the basics. The rooms are a little dated and “rustic” but fully functional.  Comfy bed, working microwave, refrigerator, and air conditioner.

We were surprised later though with the diversity of insects crawling around the bathroom and flying in the bedroom.  Fortunately, nothing affected our sleep. No breakfast available except a small pot of coffee at the front desk, so we ate our snacks in the room.

Overall, a fair price for a decent mosquito-free air-conditioned night’s sleep.


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