Rhinos Burgers

We found ourselves in Bridgeport, CA for dinner.


This mecca for trout fishermen (Even the exalted Cutthroat Trout so famous in Yellowstone are also found here.) is kind of a one street town, from what we could see.



We had searched for restaurants along our route and found a couple of likely prospects along the Bridgeport main drag, so we detoured a little to stop here for a meal.¬†We ended up at a bar/restaurant called Rhino’s.


Our waitress was a German transplant who actually knew about vegetarianism and was really helpful to us in navigating the menu. We were able to substitute veggie patties for hamburger and ordered a Teriyaki burger with fries and a mushroom & Swiss burger, along with excellent onion rings.

Way too greasy, but quite good after a day of hiking.

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