Rosetta’s Kitchen

Finally! After years of visiting Asheville and only eating at Laughing Seed, Mellow Mushroom, or Plant, we finally timed it right to find Rosetta’s Kitchen actually open for lunch.

Kate got the Cornbread & Greens and a cup of Hearty Chili (which was rather spicy). I got the Organic Tofu & Avocado Sandwich with slaw.


Unfortunately, we didn’t leave room for dessert. 🙁


Also cool, is the back dining room area:


Note –
For dinner we went to our old fave standby Laughing Seed Cafe. For the first time, however, we were left slightly disappointed. It was good, but not the usual “amazing” we had become accustomed to. It turns out: their main chef left a few years ago to partner with Plant!
That explains it all.

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