Saigon Springs

Colorado Springs has a number of good Vietnamese restaurants. We avoided Saigon Springs at first because their online menu seemed meat-heavy and not very veg-friendly. But circumstances today led us to try them out. And we’re glad we did!

They only officially have 4 vegetarian entrees on the menu (plus veggie spring rolls). But our waiter was very nice and helpful and was perfectly willing to substitute fried tofu strips for meat in our order.

They have an amazing selection of smoothies and teas (all with or without boba). We chose a small Durian Smoothie (still plenty large enough to share), and it was quite good. Next time we’ll have to remember to ask for no whipped cream on top. Meh

Saigon Springs Durian smoothie

Then our two Banh Mi sandwiches came. Also quite excellent, and more hearty than we expected.

Saigon Springs binh mi

Hold the jalapeño garnish next time.
Added bonus: instead of a bottle of Sriracha, Saigon Springs has Hoisin sauce at every table.

Lastly, our entree arrived and it was much larger than expected. Easily big enough to share, and we had some leftovers also.

Saigon Springs tofu lemongrass

At first, our hefty plate of Tofu Lemongrass with Chilly Oil had a pungent (authentic) earthy smell that was a little overbearing and daunting.
But after eating one bite, it somehow wasn’t a problem. The sauce was very nice, although a smidge salty, and the chilly oil spiciness didn’t build up, so was about perfect.

We were both surprised and very happy with everything. The prices were also very good.
We’ll definitely be coming back again to try a few more dishes.

Update: 2/15/2019

We visited Saigon Springs again and were very happy. Their Red Bean smoothie is amazing! Although it apparently still comes with whipped cream even if you order it without. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I got a Banh Mi which came loaded with tofu. Yum! And we shared a tofu Pad Thai (tofu costs extra). Plenty of food for us both.

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