Santana’s Vegan Grill & Drive-Thru

We’d previously visited Santana’s Vegan Grill Drive-Thru kiosk, since they’re fairly near our house. Nice that they’re vegan, but basically just a burger & fries shop.

Recently though, they’ve opened up a nearby sit-down restaurant! All vegan, of course, and in the same style as their drive-through.

They’re still just getting started decorating.

Santanas Vegan Grill inside

Inside and outside reminded us a bit of Bean restaurant.

Santanas Vegan Grill outside

Instead of their usual burger, we ordered the specials:

Santanas Vegan Grill entrees

Santanas Vegan Grill jalapenos

The Steak & Cheese was very good; their seitan nuggets had a great texture. Next time though, we’ll tell them to hold the jalapeƱos! (Green peppers and onions would’ve been better on this one.)

The Chicken Parmesan was ok, but obviously just retail chicken nuggets with Daiya and parm on a hotdog bun.
The kale and berry smoothie was fantastic! And the fries seemed a little better than their drive-thru kiosk location, and still as plentiful.

We’ll definitely be revisiting them, just likely not on a regular basis.

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