Sardis Lake, MS camping

We serendipitously chose Oak Grove campground, rather than the John Kyle State Park right next door to it. Oak Grove is a national park and has unexpectedly nice bathhouses for $18 /night.

Sardis Lake is an Army Corps of Engineers’ dam project park. It is definitely a haven for fishermen, but it also suited us just fine because the weather in Mississippi hasn’t gotten too hot this early in the year.

Sardis Lake Marsh

We spent Sunday night at this campground, so there were very few other campers. Nice and quiet, and scenic.


Oak Grove campground

There are so many birds here. One very confused little bird kept pecking on the car’s rear view mirrors, maybe fighting or flirting with himself.

Our 12 year old queen-sized air mattress sprung a second leak due to age, but it was a quick patch. We now know what our next purchase is likely to be. Although, while we were here, a nice lady came over from a few sites down and offered to sell us her camper – It only leaks a bit, she said, but she’s sure it would be an easy repair for someone who knows what he’s doing. We politely declined and wished her well on her sale.

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