Sassool, Mediterranean, Cary, NC

We finally got to check out the somewhat new-ish Mediterranean restaurant in South Cary.

Sassool is run by members of the extended family of the owners of Neomonde, and it’s noticeably similar.

As always when faced with a new Mediterranean venue, we ordered the safe standby, Falafel Pita sandwiches:


Their “lunchbox special” (identical to Neomonde’s) includes two sides and a baklava.
The beet & carrot salad and lentil & onion Mjadarah are quite good, as is the Baba Ghanouj and extra pita for dipping. The grape leaves however, tasted a little leftover and dried out; which was exacerbated by not having any Tatziki sauce. Sassool included a small dollop of what seemed to be cream cheese instead. :-/

The falafel sandwiches themselves were fine, but also lacking in any Tatziki sauce, so they were not quite as good as the sandwiches from any of the other competing Greek restaurants in Cary.

Overall, a satisfactory meal, and we’re sure to go again (especially considering its convenient location). However, given the choice, we’re inclined to visit the other Mediterranean restaurants in Cary more frequently, at least for now.

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