Silver Pond

We were aware of Silver Pond restaurant since first moving here, because the local vegan/vegetarian Meetup groups had met here, so we knew we’d check them out sometime. Wow! They have plenty of veggie options and are very willing to accommodate your dish modifications, if necessary.

The chef is one of the owners, along with his wife, who are originally from Taiwan. He creates all the dishes from scratch, including sauces (except the soy sauce, according to his wife) and you can really tell – It’s really something special.

We ordered the vegan duck, and sizzling tofu with black mushrooms. A little disconcerting, the “duck” had a dimpled surface, much like the skin of real duck meat but it was perfectly seasoned and cooked seitan. (A little spicy for us, but we didn’t ask beforehand, so next time we’ll emphasize that we don’t need chili flakes on ours.)

Silver Pond entrees
The tofu dish had beautiful black mushrooms and garlic sauce which was also very good.

Even though we were pretty stuffed (took a full dish of leftovers home), we just had to splurge and try the Fried Mango with (non-vegan) ice cream for dessert. Silver Pond fried mango dessertThe owner told us that the dish would be fully vegan without the ice cream and, after tasting it, that would be just fine with us! (The ice cream was good, but the fried mango rolls with coconut were so delicious they could stand alone and satisfy anybody, I bet!)

This is truly a wonderful restaurant, with dishes prepared by a skillful chef, unique and wonderfully seasoned and served. We’ll be back many more times, for sure.

Update: 3/21/2019

They even put a yummy cantaloupe garnish treat on the side of their Cashew Tofu.

11/24/2019: And unexpected watermellon on their delicious Mango Tofu.

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