Spice Island Grill

Downtown Colorado Springs. Spice Island Grill is an awkward location to find, and arguably not the nicest locale to visit. But once inside, the decor is very nice.

They have a number of veg-friendly options on the menu, all quite authentic.

It was Happy Hour, so we started with a standard Bahama Mama.

It tasted so fresh and amazing. Unfortunately, it had effectively no rum or alcohol taste of any kind.

So it was basically a very good (and expensive) glass of mixed juices.

Two fair-sized entrees run about $15 apiece. We’ve never had Ackee before, so had to try it, with a side of Squash Noodles and rice & beans. The Ackee (as we were told) is a fruit that once cooked, has an appearance and consistency similar to scrambled eggs. It was perfectly seasoned, and as we requested none of our food was spicy-hot at all. The squash noodles were extremely good also; a nice crunch-texture. The rice & beans were likely very healthy and without extra oil or fat, so were only average-tasting. 😉

Our second entree was Calaloo. Not a lot of protein between our two choices, but they were both quite authentic and delectable! The Calaloo was seasoned with ample Bell peppers. We chose a side of Johnny Cakes and Yucca fries which were both baked to perfection. Yucca fries aren’t our favorite, but these were possibly the best we’ve ever had, not too salty or tough. Unfortunately, the fries only came with ketchup and not some fancier dipping sauce as we were hoping for.

No leftovers with this combination, although we left quite satisfactorily full.
A slightly more expensive dinner than we usually do, but well worth it. Spice Island is by far the best, and most vegan-friendly, Jamaican restaurant in The Springs.

We’ll be visiting again when we find ourselves nearby.

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