Spring Rolls restaurant in Raleigh

Spring Rolls opened their second location in west Raleigh just three months ago. After looking at their menu, we had to try it.

They do quite a few seitan (wheat gluten) dishes, as well as a few tofu ones. This is not just another sushi joint!

Today at lunch, we were lucky to have the manager be our server. After commenting about the non-vegan tamago (egg) in some of the “veggie” sushi, she returned and mentioned that the sushi chef would be able to substitute fried tofu instead. (We’ll have to remember to special-request this next time.)

Instead, we stuck with our safe stand-by Sesame Seitan:
Spring Rolls sesame seitan

and Vegetables with Tofu:
Spring Rolls tofu with vegetables

both dishes were good, but we agreed that the veggies & tofu were the best.

Most entrees come with a spring roll and choice of soup or salad. Unfortunately, there are no vegan soup options since their miso is made with shrimp powder, so we opted for salads. Meh. Today their salads were very basic iceberg lettuce with carrot shreds and overly-hot ginger dressing; not quite as good as any other local Thai restaurants…

Spring Rolls salad

Overall though, the meals were great (nice & filling), the staff was nice, and the atmosphere was very nice (although a smidge loud due to acoustics).

We give Spring Rolls two thumbs up and will definitely eat here again soon.

  thumbs up  thumbs up

Also, don’t forget about their daily Happy Hour specials…

Spring Rolls Daily Specials

4 thoughts on “Spring Rolls restaurant in Raleigh

    1. Kate

      I know! Miso is great without it, too. We’re going back tomorrow at 12:30 (4/10) – You are welcome to join us if you’re free and we can try other stuff, and see about veganizing others! If not, we’ll be posting a follow-up soon.

        1. Kate

          I totally agree! Japanese restaurants can be tricky when it comes to finding truly vegan menu items, especially sushi, which mystifies me since each roll is made to order anyway, and they’ve already got all the yummy veggies and tofu right there. It would be fun to do a sushi meetup, maybe a “Sushi Crawl”, even. Thanks for the idea!

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