Subway/Strong City, KS

Just south of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is the town of Strong City, KS. It looks like every other tiny boom and bust town we’ve seen, with closed storefronts everywhere.  But, it was lunchtime, and we were desperate for something good to eat.


Our GPS took us to Ad Astra Food & Drink, whose website sounded promising, but unfortunately is only open briefly from Friday to Sunday.  In addition, their location has either changed or they’re also permanently closed.

So we were forced to go to the only other open restaurant in Strong City:  Subway.  It’s built into a gas station, so you can also buy ice, or overpriced impulse items if you need. This Subway at least has the Veggie Patty, so we ate a decent meal.  Competent, yet odd, employees completed our experience in Strong City.

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