Texarkana, AR/Mt. Pleasant, TX

We meant to camp at Texarkana, AR tonight, but we weren’t particularly enthused with the tent sites at the KOA we selected (open grass patches next to a playground and some big RVs, not good). So we scrambled and headed for the closest National Park. No luck there either: a number of Texas parks are closed now due to flooding from the recent rains.

We decided to simply drive farther tonight and stay in a hotel.
So first we ate dinner at Bryce’s Cafeteria.
Bryce's cafeteriaMeh, standard cafeteria food.

We then settled on Quality Inn in Mount Pleasant, TX. Nice! Three star hotel for a two-star price. The room amenities were great, and the standard free breakfast was easy. Texas-shaped waffles make everything nicer.

breakfast in Texas

We even got our laundry done. Two thumbs up for this Quality Inn!

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