Thai Time Cafe, Joplin, MO

Our increasingly crappy Garmin GPS with (horribly inaccurate) Lifetime Maps directed us to Thai Time Coffee.  Fortunately, Thai Time Cafe is a full-service restaurant.  🙂

A nice and cozy atmosphere awaits you.  IMAG0978 (2)They have the usual expected tofu option as a protein in most all of their dishes.

I ordered a delightful, yet light, Vegetable Bouquet, which had yummy tofu, carrots and broccoli over cabbage with steamed rice.  Tasty and just the right sized entree.IMAG0980 (2)

Kate ordered the Spicy Mock Duck, after assurances it could be made non-spicy.  It was so accurate we had to ask again to be sure it wasn’t mock-mock duck.  🙂  An excellent and filling dish; also successfully made non-spicy to order.

We ordered a Mai Thai as well, which was good and pineappley, except it didn’t appear to have any alcohol in it, for $6.

IMAG0979 (2)

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