The Flight Back

Luckily we had time to spare at the airport, because we didn’t count on being doubly-violated today.  Apparently, Homeland Security doesn’t trust Ireland’s competence, since we had to go through two separate security gauntlets before getting on our plane this time.  One with shoes, and one without.  But no X-rays at all, so bully for that.

We’d again reserved our vegetarian and vegan meals in advance.  Again, we were served before everyone else on the plane.  Nice!  😉
Penne pasta, side salad, roll, and a choco-chip biscuit-packet.  (The vegan had a fruit cup instead of cookies.)
Followed by coffee or tea, of course.
Not bad for airplane food.  Thanks Aer Lingus!

We received a nice flapjack bar and tea service as an afternoon snack as well.  UK flapjack bars
seem just a little larger / moister / heartier than an American granola bar.

What’s worse?  Being on a plane for 6 hours with a loud and fussy infant, or sitting directly behind an old man who’s obviously having some sort of intestinal issue.  🙁

This time our flights end with us back in good ol’ Raleigh, NC at 6:00pm, so the jet lag isn’t bad at all.  This is definitely the way to go.

Back home safe & sound.  Not a whole lot to eat in the fridge, but at least our soymilk is still good.  Go veggie power!

4 thoughts on “The Flight Back

  1. Rob

    Good to be back in Amurica where I don't have to deal with any more commie public-transportation stuff.
    I was really starting to miss work so much. 40 hr /wk grind, here I come!

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