The Grand Canyon

We finally made it! While we didn’t plan to stay more than one night at the Grand Canyon, we wanted to see the museums and hike a bit anyway. As soon as we entered this National Park, we started seeing numerous female elk along the roadside. We saw about two dozen elk in total, but not a single set of antlers.female elk

We didn’t have as much time as we’d like (have to make it to Vegas by tomorrow night  since we had hotel reservations there, ya know :). So we toured the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and the Yavapai Geology Museum and then hiked a quarter mile around the southern rim.

Still, it was awesome as expected, and not terribly crowded on a weekday. The sun and clouds cooperated quite nicely today for a change.

Grand Canyon view


Grand Canyon view of RobGrand Canyon squirrel view

We had considered staying at the Mather Campground, but it was completely filled up. A ranger told us you can back country camp anywhere in the National Forest for free off nearby route 320 if you just hike 1/4 mile into the woods off the road. Very tempting for us, but the weather forecast called for a 34 degree low tonight… and we wanted to shorten the 5 hour drive to Vegas tomorrow, so we drove on.

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