The Search is Finally Over

For two weeks we’ve been scouring every grocery store in the area for the legendary Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream.
We traveled far and wide, to Kroger, Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Food Lion, and even Walmart. But to no avail; the mythic vegan delicacies were nowhere to be found (in Cary), although numerous other Ben & Jerry’s flavors were prominently displayed.

After nearly giving up hope, we stumbled across this vision on the shelves of our local Target store:

Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream

An astounding offering of three cow-free ice creams! Coffee Caramel Fudge, Peanutbutter & Cookies, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. All for $3.99 per pint (the same price as their usual ice creams). A little expensive, but still enticing enough for us (considering they are on sale from the suggested $4.99)

A little disappointing that there’s no mention of “vegan” on the product other than a tiny little “V” symbol buried in the fine print on the back. These pints are marketed as “dairy-free”. No doubt, there are more overweight diabetus-ridden lactose-intolerant Americans than there are vegans to market to. Meh Wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun by letting them know they’re eating vegan food.


Anyway, we bought a pint of Choco Fudge Brownie and rushed straight home.

Ben & Jerry's at Target

and all is right with the world…

2 thoughts on “The Search is Finally Over

  1. Triangleveganfoodie

    Is that at Crossroads? If so, I know who was taking the ice cream. LOL PB and cookies is my fav. Also saw them at Walmart and Harris Teeter, too! Just this week they stocked up on vegan marshmallows (I might be eating them now) and a bunch of new Hampton Creek dressings!

    Looks like you all are having fun! Hopefully you have missed out on the bears. You also missed some good sushi – someone even brought fruit sushi! 🙂


  2. Rob Post author

    Ha. Yeah, we’d love some sushi right about now. We’ve hit a bit of a food desert in TX / NM here. Had to eat at Denny’s in Roswell to avoid starvation. 😉

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